SC 4 Hard Cup Chinstrap Navy Medium

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  • 1098.08.012
  Das Hard Cup Chin Strap eigenet sich für alle Schutt Helme sowie alle gängigen Riddell... mehr
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Das Hard Cup Chin Strap eigenet sich für alle Schutt Helme sowie alle gängigen Riddell (ausgenommen Riddell Speed Flex) und Rawlings Football Helme.

Comfort, strength, and protection are abundant with the brand new Schutt SC4 Hard Cup Football Chin Strap.  Don't put your junky, old chin strap on the high quality football helmet you wear because protective gear is so important in this day and age of fast-paced, high impact gridiron action.  If you are disregarding the chin strap as an important piece of football equipment, you are in for a shock!  The SC4 Hard Cup provides superior protection with foam uni-cup design with integrated splitter to improve strength and customization.  Don't get left in the dark ages with flimsy, unsupportive chin straps because if you're serious about competing, the right football gear is essential to the times in which you are playing.  Keep your head up and in the game because every second counts!


  • Foam cup for excellent protection and comfort on the football field
  • Uni-cup design utilizes a splitter for added strength and better fit
  • Adjustable chin strap to fit the player better
  • New design
  • Comes in Varsity (Adult) sizes only 
  • Great for all Positions Quarterback, Wide Receiver, Linemen, Running Back, or any position on the field
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