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  • SW11926TS
Heights: 184 cm - Length 270 cm - Width: 106 cm - Weight: 110 kg built-in mechanism... mehr
Produktinformationen "JAMBO TACKLE SLED"
  • Heights: 184 cm - Length 270 cm - Width: 106 cm - Weight: 110 kg
  • built-in mechanism absorbing energy of hit
  • comeback system for quick position reset
  • safe for artificial turf
  • Jambo Tackle Sled Pad in Premium Quality Line Option

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  • Measurements:
    • Heights: 130 cm
    • Length 288 cm
    • Width: 119 cm
    • Weights: 145 kg
  • Color Option: Black, Royal Blue, Cobalt Blue, White, Yellow, Red, Orange
  • Safe for artificial turf
  • Waterproof equipment that can be used all year long
  • Interior made of compressive foam that absorbs energy upon contact
  • Cover made of 24oz. vinyl 
  • Very solid seaming that ensure esthetic touch and item’s durability
  • Plus Freight 
  • Product description

    JAMBO Tackle Sled is a practice aid designed to imitate full contact tackling – teach your players how to attack the opponent, wrap-up, drive back and bring them to the ground more effectively.

    Heavy frame made of steel and padded bag will reflect the task of tackling a player better that any tackle dummy you may have on your site. The built-in mechanism will absorb the impact of the hit and require player to wrap the bag up and drive the sled to the ground. Once tackled, the sled will rebound to the upward position itself, so it can be used again.

    Our sleds are easy to assemble and dismantle using only a few screws and it comes with an easy to understand manual.

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